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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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commissioner brandon: ready? ready? the meeting is called to order. >> commissioner brandon. >> here. >> commissioner lazarus. >> here. commissioner crowley. >> here. >> item three, pplease be advised that the ringing of and
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use of cell phones, pagers, and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any persons responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic device. please be advised that a member of the public has up to three minutes to make pertinent public comments on each agenda item unless the port commission adopts a shorter period on any item. item four, executive directors report. >> happy holidays. i am peter daily. i think -- they think -- i may pinch-hitter. i'm going to try to get through this as quickly as i can. first of all, i want to welcome the new members to port commission on behalf of the staff. commissioner crowley is first sitting on port commission
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today. welcome. commissioner crowley was appointed by mayor newsom this month. he had been a member of the public utilities commission since 2008. he was the former president of the p.u.c. he has over 20 years experience in the theatrical and motion picture industry. here in san francisco, representing over 1500 film and convention technicians in the bay area. he's a member of the san francisco labor council executive committee, a trustee on the san francisco maritime trade commission, a member of the hotel council of san francisco, and san francisco convention and visitors bureau. commissioner crowley is a
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graduate of cal state long beach. appropriately, their nickname is -- commissioner crowley: the forty- niners. >> thank you. see if you are all away. we want to welcome you on behalf of the port staff. we are thrilled you are here today. commissioner crowley: thank you, peter. >> moving right along, i'm hoping monique will clock in at any moment. she's been at city hall -- walk in at any moment. she's been at city hall. as you know, the city and the port have been very involved in trying to garner the america's cup race in san francisco. i had these notes that are totally wrong now. i'm happy to say that the board of supervisors unanimously approved the port and the city's bid to have the race here in san
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francisco. that is unique. yes, applause. [applause] it was the neatest presentation i think i've ever seen. there was no acrimony. it was harmonious. it was unanimous in the vote. we think the mayor will sign it any moment. monique and our team are there. a number of people from the port staff have been involved. they have been at the supervisors the last couple of days trying to finalize this deal. we think it is a fair deal. we think it is a good deal for san francisco. it's a very good opportunity for the port. you will hear more today on its impact on our terminal project. monique wrote -- i'm going to
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read it. we want to thank everybody involved. the city is an incredible bid that allows the america's cup to take place in a class bay. port believes it is a win-win for the city, the port, the spectators, and the future of the oldest yachting contest in american history. it's pretty exciting news, i must say. next, we have a couple of commendations. a few of them. i want to find my notes. again, i'm a pinch hitter. first, we have a new port commissioner. we have two commissioners leading the port commission.
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one of them is here. one of them unfortunately is not. commissioner shakofsky cannot be with us today. she's in southern california at a conference. however, we do want to acknowledge her time on the port commission. she was appointed to the commission by the mayor in 2007. her term expired this past summer. stephanie was elected vice president of the port commission in 2009. for her job, she's executive director of creative lands recycling, which is a not-for- profit organization. stephanie has over a decade of experience working with government agencies, communities, and municipalities. at her tenure at port, has been
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instrumental, especially in land reuse, and was very concerned about the health and over well- being of the port and its tenants. we thank her for her service and send her our best wishes. at some point, we do have a plaque -- we will send it to her in the future. thank you, commissioner shakofsky. next, we have a commendation for commissioner fong, who is sitting in the front row. commissioner fong was appointed to the commission in november of 2006 and reappointed in 2010. he was elected president of the san francisco port commission in 2009 and again in 2010. he is a native san franciscan. he has been active and held several tourism and travel
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related positions, including board president, president of fishermans wharf commission, chairman of the travel association, and board member of the california chamber of commerce, just to name a few. also, he is director of the fong family foundation, a philanthropic organization that benefits many local social services here in the city. commissioner fong is leaving the port commission, but we're thrilled he's going to be at the planning commission. he's been appointed to the mayor to head over there. through commissioner fong's leadership -- and i must say, it's been a joy, on behalf of the staff. it's been a pleasure to work with you. you've been very supportive. it as been a joint working with
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you. specifically, some of commissioner fong's accomplishments have been during his tenure at the exploratory and development, the prominent improvements, the public launch at pier 52. the pier 45 drainage project. pier 70 master plan. and many others. commissioner fong has always been involved in direct communication with the port staff. he unselfishly gave so much of his time attending various committee member meetings. he will be truly missed. we're lucky will be at the planning commission. we hope this new relationship will help nurture a new spirit of cooperation between the planning and the port.
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commissioner brandon: we have a plaque and a certificate of honor, presented to rodney fong. it is from mayor newsom. i am pleased to recognize and honor rodney fong for his service to the city of san francisco from may 2006 until december 2010. as a port commissioner, he contributed to the efforts to promote a balanced, maritime recreational, transportation, public access, and commercial activities ontruactivities for e benefit of the public and visitors alike. we look forward to his continued success, service, and expertise, which allow him to represent the communities of interest, neighborhoods, and diverse populations of the city and county of san francisco.
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therefore, this is from mayor newsom. it says, "in recognition and appreciation of rodney fong for leadership, dedication, and outstanding service while serving on the san francisco port commission from 2006 to 2010." rodney. [applause] [applause]
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commissioner brandon: if you would like to say a few words -- >> i would love to. [laughter] >> commissioners, my name is tom. i want to start off with f.x. those are some big shoes to fill. here's a myanother native san franciscan. they did such a great job. the best thing that he did was getting burned into politics. he found out where he fought on through, where his neighbors all turned against him, and he has such credibility and stamina. he just bit his tongue and went through it. ronnie has done a lot of great things. one of his strong points is his
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ability to analyze things and deal with it in a business manner. nobody has rodney in his pocket. i'm looking forward to the day he calls me for a check when he is running for mayor. thank you. [applause] >> rodney's help on the prop a bond -- and is going to help with all the projects that peter listed -- it was invaluable. he put so much time and energy into that. it is so wonderful that he is a boater, that he knows how to spell water, and i am going to miss him so much. [applause]
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>> good afternoon, commissioners. - 7. i want to thank rodney fong. he is our past president. i really have to say, with rodney, he's a friend to a lot the past people. he is also a friend of fisherman's wharf, a friend of the port of san francisco, and he is a friend to the entire city of san francisco. the work he has done has demonstrated that. the work is going to do demonstrates that, too. thank you. [applause] >> susan reynolds, director of real estate. rodney, on behalf of the real- estate department and me personally, thank you very much for all your support these last
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four years. one thing i always appreciated about your approach to things -- you always look at both sides and give a thoughtful decision. i'm going to miss you. i'm going to miss your friendship. i'm going to miss your face, but i know you will not be far away. i'm sure you will continue to lend your leadership to all of the groups that to work with in the community. the planning commission will be lucky to have you. thank you very much. mrs. fong, i know you know this, but you raised a great son. [applause] [applause] >> commissioners and commissioner fong, i'm pleased to say i have known rodney before he was a commissioner, when he was nearly eight outstanding business person and
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a fun person to be around. when he was appointed to port commission, i and others had the pleasure of seeing his personal talents take on the role of commissioner and do so in a manner that always left the sprout. -- left us proud. the port is leaving a truly claworld class waterfront. thank you, commissioner fong. good luck in your endeavors at the planning commission. we will see you at fisherman's wharf. [applause] >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm also with the planning and development group. it is sort of hard to follow dan.
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it is really so wonderful to see somebody who really was the mayor of the fisherman's wharf in many ways and then brought that to the commission. i really appreciate your thoughtfulness and your care and accessibility to everybody. that may be something you regret at the planning commission, but i think it will really serve you well. the city is very, very blessed to be able to have you on that commission. thank you very much. [applause] commissioner brandon: is there any other public comment? >> well, thank you very much, staff, and commissioners. f.x., wellcome. you are going to enjoy this.
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if you thought i was insane to walk away, i think i might be. even coming in and looking at these beautiful pictures -- i'm walking away from what i describe as of the port really blossoming. three years ago, and where it is going to be in a few years, and by 2013 -- is going to be a different place. maybe i'm a little bit crazy, but i think i'm going to be able to enjoy that and watch you guys grow this place even larger than it is now. very quickly, and not to get too personal, relationships, when you are involved in something like this, whether it is fellow commissioners or staff, they start off as acquaintances. they become friends. then you professionally get to know each other. at this juncture, in year five, i really felt like i was
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getting into another plateau with everyone in the room here. i appreciate that. i'm not going to walk away from that easily. the planning commission will be very interesting. it will be very different. very technical. this is technical, but that is really technical. the first meeting was from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. that is once a week. this next one starts at 10:00 a.m. as well. it could go late. it's very different. i think i go into the seat with experience here at the port the other commissioners do not have the advantage of. i really appreciate the learning curve and the time i spent here. i cannot think of a better place to work. it's been personal time. thank you very much to you all. congratulations to you again for the achievements and more to come. thank you. i appreciate it. [applause]
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commissioner brandon: we are trying to not take it personally that you are moving on to other pastors and do not even think about calling us at 10:00 p.m. and tell us what a long day you've had. it's been a pleasure to get to know you, to work with you, to observe your model leadership. all the skills and integrity that have been remarked upon before. i look forward to a long and continued association with you and your family. we will miss you. [applause] commissioner brandon: rodney, is awkward to see you on that side. there's not a lot left to be said. it has been a pleasure working with you. i truly enjoy your integrity, your honesty, your open disk, and your balance.
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you are a pleasure to work with. you will truly be missed. i' know we will work on projects together. we're not losing you. we are gaining a resource on the planning commission. thank you. i look forward to seeing you soon. [applause] [applause] commissioner crowley: rodney, i did not get a chance to work with you here. i did get a chance to work with you at the convention and visitors bureau. we commend you. we commend you on your future work. i look forward to supporting your run for what ever office you seek in the future. it is bright. thank you for allowing me to spend my time with you. now i look forward to working with you at planning.
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thank you very much, rodney. [applause] commissioner brandon: i would also like to say that it was a pleasure working with commissioner shakofsky. i am sorry she could not be here today to join this celebration. commissioner lazarus: i would like to second that motion, as commissioner shakofsky goes, and i hope she does get an opportunity to come back so we can salute her for her very dedicated work over the last four years. commissioner crowley: thank you. commissioner lazarus: thank you. >> i have a couple mundane matters. we have another combination. there he is. he is in the back. along these lines, we have a special commendation to the fleet week committee and other
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participants. fleet week in october -- i've been involved in just about every fleet week. this year's was something off the charts, special, and important. we had a number of members of the fleet week -- they're here today. we want to commend them. fleet week had 8 ships this year. we have thousands of sailors and marines. i hope none of you have to buy a beer. i hope they were free pre we had 10 performances of the marine corps band. we have disaster preparedness programs. we had a high-level meeting that the general put together. i'm looking to be able to meet
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very interesting people. the general is that the top of the list. he was the chair of the fleet week effort this year. he took it over and brought it to new heights. he is a hero. not only did he served two combat tours in vietnam, he commanded the first marine division during desert shield and desert storm. his division, led by him, and defeated seven iraqi army divisions, sees a 280 international airport, and liberated kuwait city. after that, he went to work for bechtel, where he managed a $22 billion project for high-speed rail in korea. he's a man of many accomplishments. he's a man of many accomplishments.
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he really organized a fleet week that was unbelievable. i think we have two specific presentations. we have one we want to present to the fleet week committee. we also have a special presentation. i'm not sure if anyone here from the st. francis yacht club. if not, i will take over later on. we have one for them. general myatt, are you able to come up here and receive this from the port? [applause] commissioner brandon: "with gratitude and friendsship, 2010 fleet week committee, congratulations." [applause]
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[applause] [applause] >> can i say a few things? >> absolutely, general. >> it is amazing, this wonderful committee of volunteers. i'm serious about that. i have some of them here. michael allen, are cfo, who kept their records.
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we did great on financing. ed worked on two things. here's one of them. i'm going to show you. stand up. she designed our logo, which we think is an improvement. john did not know anything about the parade of ships, but he became our expert. liam, we really wanted to combine the italian heritage week with fleet week, instead of competing. that was very successful. capt. hooper really helped us a lot on the whole business of dealing with the ships coming in. pete was in charge of raising money. jeff was in charge of the humanitarian assistance portion of our fleet week. randall is in the back. he was our utility guy.
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he was just everywhere we needed somebody. please give them a round of applause. i think they're terrific. [applause] i left somebody out. david perry is back there. he really helped us with getting the word out. david, thank you. i was so glad to see monique come in. we have something for her. ed, can you bring the small one up here first. it is not all that small. this is the official total for fleet week 2010. this was taken at baker beach. it was taken by an academy of arts students. she did a great job on this. it has marines, coastguardsman, and sailors in the photo. and the background is


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